College Sendoff 101: Behind The Scenes At Orientation

College orientation season continues across the region. In just a few short weeks it will be time to head off to school. WDBJ7 anchor Robin Reed went to Virginia Tech and met some of the students who make a great first impression for incoming Hokies.

Positive feelings about Hokie Nation start on day one with these young leaders.

“All of a sudden these people in polos started running into the room and they had big signs and they all ran up on stage and they were all jumping around and yelling to us . My mom and I looked at each other and we said Ali that’s going to be you one day.” said Alison Lemair

Eric Luu agreed, “I’ve just be super excited ever since orientation. I just try to remember that every single day.”

“This is my dream job ever since I went to college and it’s just amazing to be able to change student’s lives and make an impact in their entire Virginia Tech career.” said Ryan Niblock

Alison joined in again, “I love them so much. They keep me energized all day. I couldn’t do this without them!”

Lizette Robolledo runs the new student program. “We have students coming to us from all over the world at orientation and there are times like today in the welcome we have a student joining us all the way from Hawaii and that’s exciting and so we want to make sure everyone feels welcome and prepared.” Lizette has assembled the team that will welcome more than 6 thousand new students and their parents to Virginia Tech this month, where traditions of the past run deep.
“And that is true. Some of our traditions continue to be the same and the one on one interaction with student leaders and their small group is something that we continue to do at minimum 3 times during the orientation experience making sure all of our new students know about our traditions at Virginia Tech. “

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