College Sendoff 101 - Computers for College

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The speed of change in technology is breathtaking on campus. Actual books are giving way to digital versions. Online exams are common in large first year classes. Bottom line, check with your college first before making a purchase.

Liberty University is known for their rapidly growing campus and large online student body.

Phillip Martin/Liberty IT Marketplace Manager:
“It’s definitely grown by leaps and bounds”
And their IT Marketplace is state of the art. Right now it’s the calm before the storm of student questions like “I forgot my password. Can you help me?”

Martin laughs….”we do see that one a lot and we got that process pretty down pat. We can get that fixed in just a couple of minutes either by calling in or visiting here.”

On a campus as large and spread out as Liberty, wireless coverage is also a top priority.

“One of the things we are constantly adjusting around here is our wireless coverage. Right now we have 97% wireless coverage says Martin.

Phillip Martin/Liberty IT Marketplace Manager again:
“So we try to make sure that our students have everything that they need and if there is a problem we try to communicate with them immediately or as soon as possible to let them know if something is going on.”

Laptop or desktop on campus? This question easily falls to the laptop camp. Mobility is key. Smart phones can get some things done. But a laptop gives you the best path to success.