College Sendoff 101: Let's Go Shopping

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College move-in day is just a few shorts weeks away. It's time to stock up on school and dorm supplies and catch a good sale. There are lots of good sales out there. So Robin Reed went to Target and grabbed a cart to meet up with Tyla Hyde who is headed to Radford University. It’s time to shop in this edition of College Sendoff 101.

(Robin)Tell me what you have left to shop for today.
(Tyla I'm try to focus on mechanical pencils, just because I'm probably not going to find a good pencil sharpener. Laughing
(Robin) So I was noticing around the corner, ah, a lot of stuff for the dorm room. Got to have hangers right. Have to. How about an iron? Might need an iron, what do you think?
(Tyla) Ah no, Not so much.
(Robin) No. I never know what's essential anymore. Laughs
(Tyla) I like these blue hangers. OK. Grab one. Maybe two.
(Robin) Man, no shortage there. Laughs You are going to live on your laptop the whole time, you going to need some of these thumbdrives to maybe store some you're your stuff?
(Tyla) Hm hum. Yeah. Let's get one of the bigger ones Yeah The most I would pay for a calculator would be about $20.
(Robin) So you get some searching to do. Yeah. 16:44 Well good luck on that search.
(Tyla) Laugh Online probably.
(Robin & Tyla together) Hey look, TVs, gotta have one of those in your room huh. It's a must. It is a must. How about this $1300 curved one It's pretty nice. Maybe not for a college dorm.
(Tyla) Laugh. But it sure is a pretty picture. It is.
(Robin) Hey here it is. Laundry time. You know you are going to have to do some laundry at some point. Alright pick out your favorite one, which one do you like? I like the pods. You like the pods like these up here. Mmm uhm. Ok you'll need one, two, three, four, five, six. Think that will get you started?
(Tyla)I think it will hold me over the whole semester.