College Sendoff 101: Pick Your Major

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) The college of your choice has accepted you. Your orientation is set. But wait, have you picked your major? It's a big decision but don't stress too much. There is plenty of time to change your mind.
Joel Hanlon is the associate director of new student programs at Radford University. "No. (laughs) I think I changed my major three times when I was here. Started out as a business major. My father was in business. It wasn't for me. Went into the education route and then stumbled upon this when I was a redshirt or an orientation leader for the summer. Had a fantastic experience, and couldn't believe you could do this for a full time job."

Incoming freshman Allison Clark from Buena Vista has it all figured out - sort of. "Right now I'm leaning toward nursing but it could it could possible change, it just depends" "That's pretty much what college is supposed to do right? (laughs) , yeah. Help you make up your mind? Yeah (laughs)"

"We do want students to graduate in four years and we want them to be successful because a lot of people don't really know. They think they want to be a nurse like Gray's Anatomy or the school nurse and nursing is a lot more than that." said Loretta Estes, Nursing Advisor

Academic advising is a reassuring first step that can lead to success down the road. "Our first message is to really get in the field and do some shadowing and get some of that kind of experience. It may be one way in their head and but then in reality they realize, oh wait, this isn't what I thought it was" said Donna DeHaven, Academic Advisor

As a veteran of changing majors, Hanlon calls it exploration for the first year. "I think they have some anxiety about it. I don't know that they overly stress about it. We try to make it as easy as possible."