College Sendoff 101: All Social

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) "With social media, so we're trying to find out how to use social media to communicate with them," Business and Economics Advisor Nasim Schwab said

Nasim Schwab is a business and economics advisor at Radford University. She says it hard to keep up with popular apps that new students are using.

"We are discovering that they don't, they think email is slow mail and that's sort of the number one communication right now, so we are trying to find other ways to reach out to them other ways to communicate with them," Schwab said.

Perhaps one of the more stressful moments being a new student on a college campus is finding out who your roommate is. Before, they assigned you one. These days you can do it on social media.

"I have actually. I met a couple girls on a Facebook page and we have a group message. That's how I picked my roommate," said Allison Clark, a Freshman from Buena Vista.

"Social media has so many good things and so many bad things too and I'm sure it has made a difference and there is so much that goes on before they even set foot on campus so they have all these expectations or worries about what it's going to be like when they get here," Nursing Advisor Loretta Estes says.

And Estes points out that social posts last forever online and can affect employment opportunities later on.

"And we have to worry about social media once they are here and especially for nursing they have to watch what they put on social media. What they say, what they do, pictures, things like that," Estes said.

"But then we are talking about advantages like setting up a LinkedIn from the very beginning and how much networking you can do with LinkedIn. How much networking they can do with Twitter. With Facebook," Schwab said.