College Sendoff 101: Move In Day

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The fastest way to make your move to a college dorm or apartment hard is to bring too much stuff. I've seen parents pull up with trailers packed full of furniture and appliances.
Remember, parking is at a premium this week and many dorms require going up the stairs. That means lots of walking.
Let's take a look at the James Madison University and Bridgewater College check lists for essentials of new college life. Starting with the big stuff -
a Mini fridge. Check with your roomates. Only 1 per double room. Micro-fridges are not allowed.
Microwaves, only 1 per double room. JMU does not allow microwaves in most resident halls.
Surge protected power strips are a must and if they have long cords, that gives you the most flexibility.
Computers The campus provides network and wi-fi access
TV - one per room - but much of today's viewing is done on streaming devices.
A lot of the personal care items & cleaning supplies you can pick up at nearby stores during the week. Bedding, pillows and towels are a must.
Most colleges do have "helper" programs where a group of students will lend a hand getting things to your room.
My freshman year at JMU brought several weeks of heavy rain. The book store ran out of umbrellas pretty quickly. You might want to bring your own. Just saying….
Final tip - bring your patience.