College Sendoff 101 NCI

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The campus is compact and ultra-modern. The classrooms filled with the latest technology. "So we have so much to offer and we do it right here in our own back yard. " Dr. Leanna Blevins is proud of the institute she leads because of the many success stories. "Everyone at NCI is really passionate about what they do because the students you hear from every day, those are our stories too. Our faculty and staff, those are our stories too."
Schnika Martin is a student at NCI "Oh yes, I brag about it to be completely honest (laugh) I brag about it because I never thought I would be here to be completely honest. Coming from my background it was not an option."
Warren Rodgers Jr. is the Exec Dir Southside Survivor Response Center: I had come to the point in my life where I was ready to go back to school. And I researched and I wanted to study social work but there weren't any programs around until I came across new college.
What makes NCI different is their partnership with 4 year state colleges, community colleges and local business to provide a wide range of academic programs.
Leanna Blevins - "So the beauty of what we can bring to NCI is the large university systems/UVA and their health system, the smaller personal touch from Longwood University, the innovation from James Madison University"