College Sendoff 101: Safety On Campus

“We do pay a lot of attention to it since the Virginia Tech tragedy” says Dr. Brenda Poggendorf, Vice President of enrollment at Roanoke College.
As we tour college campuses for this series, the subject of student safety often comes up.
Eric Luu, a third year student at VT: “So I think the last few years I think Virginia Tech really tries to make sure safety is a big thing that all students have a good grasp on so throughout Virginia Tech we have a bunch of emergency poles that Virginia Tech students can go to when they need to report any situation that goes on.”
Virginia Tech is so large it could be considered a small city. But even a smaller campus like Roanoke College is keenly aware of the safety challenge.
“Safety is a main concern of students and parents when they are coming in and Roanoke is a very safe place, we’re blessed with this location but we still have to have the blue light boxes around campus and the alerts that everyone gets on their phones and escorts if they want them, most don’t take them. There are all kinds of drills, we just have to be prepared in the event of some unlikely thing happening says Poggendorf.
On a bigger campus like Tech, the safe ride program is a big success.
The chief of Blacksburg police: “We average between 23 hundred and 25 hundred riders per year and so the students, staff and faculty really seem to appreciate that type of service and we are happy to do it.”
The full range of student services is an important part of every orientation.
Lizette Robolledo is the director of New Student Programs at VT: “All of our new students will have time with our emergency preparedness presentation that happens in the afternoon with our chief of police and our emergency management director and so they get to talk about some of the critical things that may happen on college campuses and learn about how they can all stay safe.”