College Sendoff 101: Student Orientation

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Incoming college students and their parents are spending time on campus this summer.

At Radford University, new student orientation had some surprises.

Among the traditional lecture and outline for the day, students were able to ask the questions that really matter to them.

"They always ask is this the real food you serve during the year and I assure them that it is. There is no special meal rolled out for them just because it's orientation," Associate Director of New Student Programs Joel Hanlon said.

Students were also treated to something you don't often see: a speed dating interview process.

It's a quick way to meet other students and get to know the campus.

"I knew the second i stood here, this is like wow. this is beautiful. It's very cool. I'm just looking to be surprised when i come here. I'm very ready to come here. I'm very really looking forward to it," Tique Yarbrough said.

The reasons to attend a particular school have not changed much over the years.

"I like how it's not super big and it's close to home. i can go home when I need to. I have a couple of friends who go here so i know if i need anything, they will be here to help me," Allison Clark said.

There are still lots of choices to make. and plenty of directions to head. College is an exciting time to grow and mature.

Tique and Allison sum it up this way:

"To just have a job you know, like my parents have been pushing me about it so i'm looking forward to it and i want to make my own money to that right? i don't want to be asking for stuff anymore," Yarbrough said.

"I'm really excited to start my future and see where life takes me," Clark said.