Commonwealth Coach and Trolley museum begins demolition

ROANOKE CITY, Va. (WDBJ7) - Leaders of the Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum are still picking up the pieces left behind from a massive fire last week.

Crews are still working to salvage tools and parts from the site before it's demolished.

Parts of the exterior walls have already been torn down.
Demolition work to the building began Thursday and continued into Friday.

Museum President Bev Fitzpatrick said he hopes to scrap bus metal to create a funding source for the museum.

"We had some engines. We had some doors to buses so some of that stuff did survive," he said. "A lot of the stuff got burned up though that was very valuable. We estimate a $50,000 loss from parts alone that we had ordered and bought and had ready."

Fitzpatrick said Friday the city wants the site demolished immediately.
They don't plan to re-build on this site.

He said he hopes locals can help the museum get back on its feet or provide them a space to relocate.