Update: Community Storehouse of Martinsville and Henry County receives 70 donated turkeys

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A call to action has been answered in Southside.

The Community Storehouse of Martinsville and Henry County will hand out 70 turkeys to families during December.

That is thanks to a donation by Monogram Snacks.

The turkeys will be put in a walk-in freezer until they are distributed next month.

With the donation, some households in need will not go hungry on Christmas Day.


One food pantry on the Southside was unable to serve the community last week because they didn't have enough food.

They had to close two hours early and turn away many people who depend on the service.

The Executive Director of the Community Storehouse of Martinsville and Henry County says they had to close because number one, they aren't getting enough donations, and number two, they have more people needing food than ever before.

"We've had more new clients in the past quarter than we've had in ten years," says executive director, Travis Adkins.

The storehouse posted on their Facebook last Thursday, telling people the bad news: they were out of food.

"We didn't have enough to give them. We would've been giving a whole family maybe a can of food or two," says Adkins.

Adkins says all their crates should be full of canned foods. They've been trying to stockpile to be back open this Thursday.

He says the storehouse will be open Thursday, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll have enough food to prevent last week's problem from happening again.

"We will not have enough food to continue if people don't start donating to us," he says.

He says they don't have to lock the doors to the pantry very often. It hasn't happened in years. He says it's heartbreaking.

"These are people who really need help, and they're screened, and they go through the process, and we verify everything. It's awful that we have to say, 'We don't have any food for you," says Adkins.

Adkins says you don't have to spend a bunch of money to help out.

"If you just go in your own pantry, not spend a dime, and get something that's been sitting there forever, or something that you know you're not going to make," he says.

Adkins say his biggest worry is that people will help right now, but then forget about the storehouse.

"If people don't continue to support us, then I don't know what the future for us will be," he says.

Adkins says they help 800 families on average a month, which equals out to about 1800 individuals.

If anyone wants to find out more about how they can help some of those individuals, you can go to https://storehousemhc.com/ or stop by their location at 4201 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway, VA 24148.