Community in mourning after two students shot, one killed in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- People are remembering an E.C. Glass High School student killed in a shooting just minutes away from the school Thursday night. A second student was also shot and is still in the hospital. It all comes two weeks before graduation.

The hallways at the high school were quieter Friday, but it was more than grief that filled the building.

"Love,” said Pastor Keith Anderson of Hill City Church. “A love for the young men who weren't in the building today.”

Two E.C. Glass seniors were shot off Yorktown Avenue Thursday. Dre'yon Browley died at the hospital, the football player was just two weeks away from graduation.

"It's just heavy to see that there's another young life gone," said Pastor James Camm of Living Word Ministries.

Pastors Camm and Anderson went to the high school Friday to pray with students and offer assistance. Camm knew Browley and said he was loved by many, which is reflected in one of the hallways at E.C. Glass already.

A teacher sent us a video showing a spot where the two seniors used to hang out, it is now covered in drawings and notes from fellow students.

"They took the time to show that they were there and they weren't alone. They had family, Hilltopper family,” said Pastor Anderson.

Police have not released any details on what may have led to the shooting. After a promotional ceremony Friday, Chief of Police Ryan Zuidema spoke with members of the media.

"I can't imagine being the parent of a young child that was senselessly killed,” said Zuidema.

Within three hours of the shooting Thursday, police arrested a suspect. Zuidema said the arrest was thanks, in large part, to help from the community.

The suspect is not an adult so police could not release his or her name. Commonwealth's Attorney Bethany Harrison said it is the second time in the last year that a juvenile is facing a murder charge.

“For any of our juveniles, if they’re involved in any kind of criminal activity, very serious consequences can come from that,” said Harrison.

The teen will have a preliminary hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. If the charges are certified, the teen will be tried as an adult.

A prayer service is being hosted for both students Friday night at Higher Heights Cathedral of Deliverance, a church across from the high school. One Community One Voice is planning a vigil at E.C. Glass for Sunday at 5 p.m. Browley’s uncle is also hosting a fundraiser for the family at the Jubilee Family Center Sunday afternoon.

As the community continues to mourn and wrap around the students, the LPD says they will continue to investigate.

“We’re going to do everything for them with in our power to investigate this thoroughly and make sure that anyone who was involved in this is brought to justice,” said Zuidema.