Community garden and urban farm coming to Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Soon, there will be a new place to find and grow fresh produce in Southeast Roanoke.

City council gave the go-ahead to turn a portion of Morningside Park into an urban farm and community garden. It's a partnership between Carilion Clinic and the Roanoke Community Garden Association. There will be classes -- as well as plots anyone can use to grow produce. The need for the project came from a 2012 Carilion survey about needs in the area.

Aaron Boush, Carilion Clinic, said, “Specifically in Southeast it's identified as a food desert so we really want to be able to provide opportunities for healthy food in that neighborhood.”

Heather O'Bryan, Roanoke Community Garden Association Co-Director, said, “Community gardens are there to help bridge that gap to teach people to grow their own food so that they can grow their own food.”

They plan to break ground and start gardening there in the spring.