Rockbridge County community helps family after house fire

Published: May. 11, 2016 at 8:49 PM EDT
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A Rockbridge County family is picking up the pieces after losing everything last week in a house fire.

Ronald Wright, his grandmother and friend spent the past few days looking at decades of memories that have been reduced to rubble on Rapps Mill Lane.

On Thursday night, Wright said he woke up to a room full of smoke and saw flames at his door. He was able to escape through a window and run to a neighbor's home to call for help.

No one was seriously hurt, but three puppies and a kitten died.

"This was my worst nightmare," said Wright. "This was my home. This was everything and I don't have it anymore, but I still have my family and that's what matters."

Patricia Smith said her father built the house back in 1930s. Now, there's nothing left but charred debris.

"There are things from back in my childhood that we've packed away and cannot replace," said Smith.

Local stores, such as the South Buffalo Market, are pitching in to help them by setting up donation jars. The family is currently staying with relatives and plan to get a trailer.

Wright says the whole experience has taught him to appreciate the people he loves.

"This all was just material stuff," said Wright. "Home is a feeling in your heart and I still have that."