Community replaces tools stolen from Salvation Army's community garden

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Roanoke's Salvation Army told WDBJ7 on Wednesday this week that someone stole tools from their community garden.

For the last two years, she says the tools laid in a bag out in the open! But she recently stored them in a new shed recently built for them by an Eagle Scout.

People use the garden to feed their families and others in the neighborhood.

"It just hurts that someone would do that to their own community," said Missions specialist Becky Brandenberger.

After our story, some generous donors stepped up to the plate.

The Salvation Army received several donations Thursday morning, and they now have even more tools than they started with.

"We're just so excited to have the tools but also just so impressed with the generosity of the family that they cared about a garden that they don't work in, in a neighborhood they don't necessarily live in," she said of one of the donors. "So I'm just really pleased with the outpouring from the city of Roanoke."

Brandenberger said they can now work on expanding their garden. Anyone interested in helping with that effort can contact their offices.