Community responds after Centra removes Lynchburg doctor from job

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Lynchburg doctor who has been practicing in the area for almost 40 years has been suspended.

Dr. Dwight Oldham was removed from his job at the Centra Pearson Cancer Center last week and asked not to return to any Centra facility unless he's seeking medical care.

"Completely shocking. I mean he has been in oncology in Lynchburg for 37 years", said Leecy Fink, a patient at the facility. Fink has been battling stage four breast cancer for nearly five years and says she was horrified to hear that Dr. Oldham was removed from his job. "I am literally alive because of Dr. Oldham", Find added.

Centra released a statement saying: "we became aware of a behavior by Dr. Oldham that resulted in a work environment that was both hostile and unsafe".

Fink's sentiments were shared by a fellow cancer patient, Donna Pollard.

"Something's not adding up here", Pollard said. "This bothered me so much last night, I barely slept."

Centra did not release details about the nature of Oldham's alleged behavior, but said when given the opportunity, Oldham did not deny the allegations.

"He's at a point in his career where he should be able to retire and enjoy retirement and enjoy his grandchildren and now he's facing these terrible allegations that Centra has put up against him that are completely false."