Community says goodbye to Roanoke firefighter who lost fight to cancer

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) They all remembered her energy and passion. Kali Hurd died at 26 years old. Monday was one final sendoff for a firefighter following her dream.

Her end of watch call came over the scanner Monday afternoon soon after Kali Hurd's family and friends said goodbye at First Baptist Church.

Tim Wright, Pastor, said, “If you hung out with Kali for ten minutes, you felt like you were her best friend. She made everybody feel that way.”

The 26 year old was remembered for her infectious love.

Randy Martin, Pastor, said, “Her wonderful spirit and her beautiful smile that she had and just her effervescence we will sadly miss.”

She was diagnosed with colon cancer at 24, and the youngest in the department to die from it. During her fight, she was never one to back down -- even when she was going through chemo.

David Hoback, Roanoke Fire EMS Chief, said, “Never missed a day of work. For the Lord to take her at age 26, it just breaks my heart.”

Roanoke Fire EMS Chief David Hoback says the department lost a future leader who had so much to look forward to.

“ Just a wonderful young lady. She had a lot of promise for our community. A lot of promise to help others. A lot of promise to do good things,” said Hoback.

She had been a Roanoke City firefighter for about three years, while also volunteering with Roanoke County -- where she got her start at 16.

Wright said, “It was one of the greatest days of her life when she became a firefighter.”