Concord based Veteran Farm offers 'Reboot' course to help veterans and family members heal

CONCORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Ahead of honoring local veterans with Veterans Day, one group is working to heal them as well.

Providence Veteran’s Farm offers a 12 week “Reboot Combat Recovery” course for veterans and their families. Friday night 30 people graduated from the most recent session, marking 100 graduates in the last two years.

But what makes this program unique is where it takes place- not your typical classroom.

“The farm setting itself…life is just a little more quiet and relaxed so you can focus on some things,” said James McLeod, founder of the farm.

Things that need attention.
David Porter, Graduate of Reboot:
“I had been trying to go it alone. My first deployment in 2007, 2008.It was pretty ugly,” said David Porter, a recent graduate of Reboot.

“I was actually suicidal myself. I was a self-harmer,” said Tammy Porter, who was also graduating.

All 30 graduates have somehow been affected by the traumas of war, and they have each found solace on the farm.

“From the standpoint of working with the whole person. Physically, emotionally and spiritually,” said McLeod.

McLeod brought the Reboot program in, but him and his family put a unique twist on and offered it on a farm in Concord.

A free 12 week course for not just veterans, but their families too, anyone affected.
“It allows veterans to open up. And talk about things that they don't really talk about at home. For me as a spouse I have appreciated that, being that our family…this is our future,” said Angelina Morlock, a graduate of Reboot.

Within a four hour drive of the farm live 800,000 veterans. The McLeods looked at these numbers as an opportunity to help.

“Actually digging down and getting to root issues and I realized that a part of me died over there that....yea, I missed,” said Porter.

They explore where trauma comes from, and how to heal: a holistic community approach.

“We want this to be something that years from now is going to change the course of their life for the good,” said McLeod.