Conditional use permit for Lynchburg apartment complex approved

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Lynchburg City Council has approved a conditional use permit to allow an apartment complex to be built.

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"Well, when I first heard about it, the first thing I thought is, we got situations over here now," said Mike Linthicum, a Florida Avenue resident.

Linthicum has lived in this house for 26 years.

When the idea to put apartments next to his house was introduced, he was quick to react.

"And when you talking about putting more people here - 48 more apartments, I don't know how many more people - you gonna have foot traffic and you gonna have vehicle traffic. You gonna have people trying to get out into the street," said Linthicum.

Right next to the Fairview shopping center, 2117 Florida Avenue has seen the test of time with cracked sidewalks and roadways.

But despite the wear and tear in the area, the apartments could serve a group of people desperately looking for housing.

"At least 50 percent of the units will serve people with disabilities in this particular development, Florida Terrace. We will set aside at least seven units for people with, who are homeless with disabilities or exiting homelessness," said Jeff Smith, Rush Homes Executive Director.

Smith also says the current housing situation has put a lot of people on hold while they wait to find another place to live.

"Our waiting list right now stands at 657 people who want housing, need housing, all of whom have disabilities," said Smith.

And while Linthicum believes people should have roofs over their heads, he also wants to point to other areas around the city where projects like this could take place.

"There's other buildings, vacant buildings around here and downtown that could be used, renovated for that," said Linthicum.

For now, the lot will sit quietly until the next steps begin.

Rush Homes also says if everything goes well, construction on the new complex could begin as early as spring next year.

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