Consolidated car rental facility coming to Roanoke airport this summer

WDBJ7 photo

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Officials with the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport say if the weather cooperates, they'll be able to open a new, consolidated rental car facility by June.

The facility, being constructed adjacent to the airport, will move the rental car offices from the front of the airport into the new building. They broke ground on the project in November.

Marketing Director for the airport, Bradley Boettcher, said Monday the airport's growth, particularly from business traffic, is pushing them to make the change.

He said they plan to move the available rental cars from the airport's short- and long-term parking into the old employee lot behind the new building. Employees will continue to park in the overflow lot across the street.

Construction plans also call for a new loop from the main airport road leading into the rental facility.

Boettcher said the $3.5 million self-funded project is being paid for with a customer facility charged tacked onto the rental car fees.

Boettcher said it's unclear what the airport will do to the space that the rental car companies will vacate. He hopes to work with several local organizations to come up with a create alternative.

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