Construction begins at The Floor Show, 10 months after Lynchburg-area tornado

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)-- With every nail and every cut, a construction project is unfolding off Timberlake Rd. that has never held more meaning.

"To stay connected to this spot I think is huge," said Chase DeWitt, owner of The Floor Show Carpet One.

Ten months ago a tornado ripped through the family owned business. People were working through the rain to salvage not just pieces of their business, but their legacy.

"I was actually six years old when this original building was built," said DeWitt. "So to say I grew up in this's an understatement. It's the truth. Same for dad, this was his baby."

Wayne Dewitt started the business with a small loan in 1975. He walked us through a week after the tornado, glass crunching under his feet.

"You know, it's a life's work here," said Wayne DeWitt with tears in his eyes. "That I was really, really proud of."

When Chase DeWitt, now owner, told his dad that they could rebuild on the same metal beams he knew it would mean a lot.

"His exact words were alright!" said DeWitt. "Alright!"

Dewitt opened a temporary showroom just down the road from the orginial building. Construction began last week and is expected to be done by July.

DeWitt said he thinks of the tornado often, but hopes to move on: a son rebuilding on a very strong foundation.

"To see this original floor get to stay, most of the original supports get to's just a fresh start, but with some of the old tradition," said DeWitt.