Cornerstone Bar & Grill to leave downtown Roanoke after 16 years

ROANOKE. Va (WDBJ7) - A longtime staple in downtown Roanoke will soon be replaced.

The lease for Cornerstone Bar & Grill will end come December 31. The restaurant's owner, Mike Flannery, said the lease was not renewed.

While he denied an on-camera interview, Flannery said over the phone that he learned the lease would not be renewed around mid to late October. He said he was surprised and didn't know what was replacing the restaurant until earlier this week.

Three Notch'd Brewery confirmed to WDBJ7 on Monday that the brewery would soon occupy the space on 24 Campbell Avenue SW. A representative for the Charlottesville based brewery said they would start construction and planned to be open by the spring.

Flannery said Cornerstone's business was not struggling and that they had had a good year. While there have always been "fluctuations" in business, Flannery said they were doing fine and the rent was current.

Flannery said they are exploring other options, including possibly opening up a new Cornerstone elsewhere.

The owner said he believed Cornerstone has been able to be a mainstay in downtown dining for the last 16 years because they take care of their customers. He said they've always tried to be a regular- driven place. He believes the landlord, identified as MS1 Properties, wanted to go in a different direction, but didn't appear to give any specific reason about why the lease was not renewed.