Counter Response Tactical: A workout that incorporates self defense

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ROANOKE CO., Va. This edition of Fit Friday takes us to Counter Response Tactical in Southwest Roanoke County. It's a workout not just to get in shape but to teach participants how to protect themselves.

"I always say stronger people are always harder to beat than weaker people," said co-owner Tim Habla. Habla has a military background--- 12 years active duty in the Army.

"I got into physical fitness exercise, movement the whole functionality training through the military," Habla said. "I want to be able to jump over that wall. I want to be the strongest I can be."

The workout incorporates Olympic lifts and static lifts along with strikes
and kicks on the bag.

"This system 100 percent is for everybody," said Habla. "People at different levels work out side by side going at their own pace."

Counter Response Tactical is located on Electric Road in Roanoke County. Habla said they offer one free week of classes for anyone who would like to give it a try.