Couple celebrates 80 years of marriage

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) A Kentucky couple marked a milestone many will never see. Charles and Anne Miller celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on Friday.

The Rev. William Bell married the Millers on July 14, 1937. They were teenagers at the time, just 17- and 16-years old. They kept their marriage a secret for six months because they were living at home and still in school. Their first house cost them $400. They say the only time they were apart was while Charles served in the military.

The Millers credit their faith for keeping their marriage in tact all of these years. Charles Miller says he still drives his wife to church every Sunday.

The Millers have two kids, eight grandkids and several great grandchildren to show for their eight decades of love.

The couple plans to renew their vows on Sunday during a service at Pilgrim Baptist Church.