Court documents shed new light in Brittany Freeny case

Published: Aug. 8, 2017 at 7:25 PM EDT
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Court documents are helping paint a better picture of what might have happened the night Brittany Freeny went missing.

According to investigators with the Roanoke Police Department, Freeny disappeared from Roanoke May 1.Her body was discovered in Boones Mill just two days later. Police arrested suspect Lamarre Camper, charging him with her murder.

Recently unsealed search warrants reveal Freeny's sister last saw her getting into Camper's van around 6:45 the night she disappeared. Three hours later, when Camper arrived back at his home, his wife says he smelled strongly of chemicals.She later told investigators that she then took that van to the store, noticing what she thought were bloodstains inside.

She told investigators she took pictures of them and planned to email them to herself in case anything happened to her.

The warrants also reveal Camper told investigators he communicated with Freeny regularly and admitted to giving her a ride the day she disappeared.

Camper's wife said she'd seen texts between Camper and Freeny on the phone they shared.

Investigators requested search warrants for the phones of Camper, his wife, Freeny and her sister and well as access to their Facebook profiles for any communication they might have had with Freeny.

A new search warrant also requests Freeny’s medical records. The document states, “Your affiant interviewed Lamarre Camper on May 3, 2017 and he made statements about the victim in specifics and detail which have been corroborated in whole or in part by this investigation. The medical records of Brittany Kasey-Freeny are necessary to corroborate information pertaining to a specific condition of diagnosis regardless of whether it was confirmed or perceived by the victim and further the investigation of her death.”

Another search warrant was initiated for information from a GPS installed in Camper’s van. It was placed there by the dealership in Roanoke where Camper purchased the van – intended for location purposes until fulfillment of the loan on the vehicle.

Finally, a search warrant was also requested for a home in connection with the investigation. When Camper returned home the night Freeny disappeared, as noted above, his wife told investigators he smelled strongly of chemicals. When she asked where he’d been, his wife says he responded saying he’d been working in their food truck.

His wife told investigators that food truck was parked at someone’s house. Investigators determined that house to be on Clifton Avenue in Roanoke. The detective went to the home and found a truck matching the wife’s description of their food truck sitting on the property.

The detective knocked on the door of the home but no one answered. The detective reported a strong chemical smell coming from inside the home and found that two windows were open.

Call records indicate that the phone number associated with Lamarre had contacted the number associated with the owner of the home on Clifton Ave at least nine times since Freeny went missing on May 1.

Camper is in jail and awaits trial.