Crews close to containing brush fire in Huddleston

Published: Sep. 15, 2019 at 9:38 PM EDT
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The Department of Forestry has been keeping an eye on a brush fire. Crews are taming the flames that broke out Saturday night and rekindled Sunday afternoon in Bedford County. The dry conditions have made the fire tough to contain.

"Once they give us the call they automatically said that there was at least 4 acres involved already with accessibility issues," Lee Hogan, Chief of the Huddleston Volunteer Fire Department, said.

As of Tuesday morning, the fire had burned 60 acres and was 75% contained.

Hogan rushed to Marcus Keller Lane in Huddleston Saturday night around 7 to help put out a brush fire. He called for water supply, and the Bedford Fire Department took in a drone to help get a better view of the situation.

"Bedford, Blairs . . . they brought RAV units which have, most of them have about 70 to 80 gallons of water, and they were able to get some of those in there and carry some people in, do some handwork, and kind of contain it to where we had it at the time," Hogan said.

He believes the flames burned across nearly 20 acres of land by the time they put them out around 6 Sunday morning. While an official cause is still being investigated, the fire chief says a lightning strike could have sparked the fire. He says dry conditions in the area make fires like these even more difficult.

"That was the biggest thing. It is so dry over there that it doesn't take much, it's hard to contain it with it being so dry," Hogan added.

A WDBJ7 meteorologist says the Huddleston area is in an abnormally dry period. Firefighters suggest you take simple steps to prevent these types of brush fires.

"If you don't have to burn, don't burn, I mean just simple as that, don't burn," Hogan said.

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