Update: Investigation still ongoing into warehouse fire in Martinsville, calling in outside resources

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The fire department has still not been able to get inside the building due to the danger.

We are told they are calling in outside resources to help with the investigation.

The department is finalizing details to get a drone to fly over the scene.


In Martinsville, smoke still fills the air downtown where Bargains Galore once stood.

Firefighters still have not been able to get inside the building to do any investigating at this point.

Officials say the fire is contained in the building. It's not any threat to surrounding businesses or residences, but they say this scene is still very dangerous.

Aaron Street remains closed until further notice.

"That does include any businesses, anyone that has any cable through the area, any utilities through the area, that does apply to them as well. This is a fire scene. Anyone caught in the fire scene will be charged as such," says Martinsville Fire Chief, Ted Anderson.

The chief says it will be active for several days, but the weather is helping.

"Fortunately, mother nature is being our firefighter, which has actually helped us, and helped the community quite a bit. It's saving on water supply. It's helping keep the smoke down and it's helping on the cost of firefighting efforts as well," he says.

The building was damaged a few years ago due to a fire nearby. The business owner says they had just replaced the roof of the building last week. Then, he got a call from the fire chief.

"I knew as soon as he called it was something to do with my warehouse. Him being the fire chief, I automatically assumed it was my warehouse," says business owner, John Martin.

There was no insurance on the building and the sprinkler system was not working.

Martin is staying positive and is glad no one was hurt.

"I don't really worry about the material stuff too much. It's just kind of got me traumatized with it. But I'll be alright," he says.

Chief Anderson says it could still be a few days before they get inside to investigate this because they need to be sure it's safe before they enter.

Even then, they may not be able to determine a cause because of the extent of the damage.

The chief says even if the sprinklers were working, it may not have made a difference.

He also says that if anyone needs a fire inspection to make sure you are up to code, to contact the department because they do them for free.


Crews are responding to a fire at a furniture warehouse in Martinsville Saturday, according to Martinsville Fire Chief Ted Anderson.

The fire call came in just after 5 p.m. Crews arrived to the furniture store located at 6 Aaron Street.

Nobody was in the store at the time of the fire. According to the store owner, the business closed at 12 p.m.

Chief Anderson expects fire crews to remain on the scene for a while.