Crews restore power to Floyd County after Sunday's storm

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) -- Alton Duncan wasn't surprised when Sunday's storm took his power with it.

"Well, it seems like it's getting more frequent than it used to be," said Duncan, a Floyd County resident.

He said storms in recent years have kept the lights off longer than normal.

"We've been here 23 years so, last couple years we've lost power for two or three weeks at a time," Duncan said.

It didn't take nearly as long for power to return this time, but the storm that produced a tornado warning in Floyd County still left its mark.

"These trees across the road, they were just waving, and I saw all kinds of debris in the road on the way to work so, we kind of expect to lose power when it gets like that," Duncan said.

Appalachian Power crews responded to a fallen tree that downed lines in Duncan's neighborhood of Indian Valley.

That one outage left more than 250 customers in the dark.

"People down below us in the lower valleys, they seem to get the storms and the lightning and the other stuff but we, unfortunately, get the wind," said line mechanic David Beran.

He said, despite the damage, storms like Sunday's actually help by trimming down the weak spots, especially after a long winter.

"We get a storm like this right here, it actually makes it easier on us," Beran said. "It's a little less work every time it comes through so, like I said, it's kind of a blessing as it goes."