UPDATE: Strong winds damage barns, trees and power lines in Bedford County

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BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Strong winds Friday left downed trees, power lines and even a barn roof thrown across a Thaxton-area front yard.

Kelso Mill Rd. and Sharps Mountain Rd. were hit the hardest in the county when winds swept through the neighborhood.

Crews spent a large portion of the day restoring power to about 100 people and clearing debris from the roads.

Jody Lineberry was outside her brother's house Friday, surveying what the storm left behind. She pointed to shingles lying in the grass, trees uprooted and lawn furniture thrown.

"Debris was everywhere," said Lineberry.

When the powerful storm passed through, Lineberry, who lives right next door to her brother on Sharps Mountain Rd., was stuck inside her truck. She was going to run errands and as soon as she got in her car, the weather changed.

"It was almost as though the truck was going to be lifted off the pavement," said Lineberry. "I was scared to death. It was very, very hard."

When the storm cleared, Lineberry tried to drive down the road, but couldn't get anywhere. Downed trees and power lines made the road impassable.

"It was bad," said Lineberry.

The same winds ripped Chris Stage's barn roof off the base of the building on Kelso Mill Rd.

Pieces of the roof were laying in the front yard and hanging from tree limbs.

"I was upstairs and I just heard real high velocity wind and I looked out the window and my tree....all of the limbs were just straight up in the air," said Stage.

In the storm's wake, about 100 were left without power. Crews spent all afternoon cleaning debris, but the area walked away with no injuries and only minor damage.

"How fortunate we all are okay and no one was hurt," said Lineberry. "And neighbors kind of come together to help each other that was the good thing."

Crews with Bedford County Fire and Rescue estimated that two structures were impacted.