UPDATE: Cadillac of Roanoke will close Friday

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A spokesperson for Cadillac of Roanoke confirmed Thursday that the dealership will close tomorrow.

Here is a statement from a marketing agency that represents Cadillac of Roanoke

ROANOKE, VA - Effective Friday, November 10, 2017, Cadillac of Roanoke has made the very difficult, yet necessary decision to close our doors. We will forever be grateful to the fine people of Roanoke and will always hold a deep amount of respect and appreciation for those who chose to give us the opportunity to earn their business. To our Cadillac customers, warranty concerns for Cadillac may be addressed at ANY General Motors-franchised facility.

Your nearest Cadillac GM dealers are GR Cadillac and Pinkerton Cadillac.


Some Roanoke drivers were being told they'll need to drive much farther for service, as the Cadillac of Roanoke dealership told them it will be closing Friday.

Employees at the dealership are saying nothing, at this point. The General Manager repeated over and over he couldn't tell WDBJ7 anything. And a man above him said on the phone the company is working on a press release to send out, but didn't know when that will be.

But that's not what they're telling some customers.

Larry Guthrie of Boones Mill recalled from a phone call on Monday, "They said, 'This is the Roanoke Cadillac Dealership. We're calling to inform you that come Friday we will be closed. I asked them, 'When are you going to be reopened?' They said, 'Never.'"

Guthrie bought his car three years ago when the dealership was called Valley Cadillac.

He said he had an oil change scheduled for November 14 and was told he can't reschedule it for this week, as the dealership would only be servicing the cars they have on the lot.

So the disabled veteran who requires oxygen said he would need to go to dealerships in Radford or Lynchburg.

"If anything goes bad on it, and I take it anywhere else, I'm going to have to pay for it even if it's under warranty unless I'm going to drive far off," Guthrie said. "I can't afford that. I have no alternative but to get rid of the car."

Guthrie paid $60,000 for the car in 2014 and only put 27,000 miles on it. But he knows he'll be losing money when he sells it.

But he's also concerned for other Cadillac drivers in the Roanoke Valley who could be in the same spot as him.

"They're still up there selling their cars and not telling anybody," Guthrie said. "There's no signs up, they're not telling anybody nothing."

Cadillac said the press release is time sensitive statement based on their agreement with General Motors, so a statement couldn't be given on Wednesday.

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An earlier version of this story indicated that a Cadillac dealership was located in Christiansburg. The closest Cadillac dealership to that location is Harvey's in Radford. There is no Cadillac dealership in Christiansburg.