Cyclists urge safety after recent crash

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Cyclists are urging everyone on a bike or in a car to stay alert on the road.

WDBJ7 photo

A recent accident in Roanoke with a vehicle sent a cyclist to a hospital.

The mechanic at Cardinal Bicycle said cyclists need to take extra steps to keep themselves safe.

That means wearing brightly-colored clothing and putting things such as lights on the front and back of each bicycle.

He also recommended cyclists plan where they are going to ride and try to avoid busy roads during rush hour.

“Out there on the road there is a lot more traffic, with phones and stuff,” Bike Mechanic Robert Stinnette said. “You have to be really attentive to the road as a cyclist and make sure you are seen.”

Of course, drivers behind the wheel also need stay alert and share the road.

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