D-Day Veteran gives back to future generations

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Every year on June 6th World War Two Veteran Ash Rothlein pays homage to homage, a statue at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford.
An instrumental factor in its creation, Rothlein comes to place his French Legion Medal of Honor on the statue.
On Monday he came to the memorial for a different reason.

Ash Rothlein "We've been working a long long time to make something terrific happen."

He presented a 200-thousand dollar check to the National D-Day Foundation to create a scholarship fund.

Rothlein: "They're excited to follow the greatest Generation valued."

Named for he and his late wife, The Ash and Liz Rothlein Spirit of D-Day Scholarship will be awarded to four high school JROTC students.

Rothlein: "What they're going to do is immulate the values that we acted out in World War Two.
April Cheek-Messier: "Our hope is that they will also learn from this amazing generation and give back to their own communities."

The scholarship winners will be announced on the anniversary of D-Day.

Rothlein "They will be the first of what we hope will continue eternally, because we want the legacy of D-Day to never ever expire."