D-Day memorial honors veterans

Bedford, Va. (WDBJ7) Every year in November, attention turns to the nation's veteran and one of the region's biggest events at the National D-Day Memorial. One veteran was surprised with a special gift.

Standing proud to each service song, the veterans of Southwest Virginia, represent the country's thousands of service men and women. The D-Day Memorial honored veterans by dedicating veteran bricks and unveiling the newest plaque.: "It's been a while coming, but I'm glad to see it be placed today," said Retired Marine Sgt. Daniel Villarial. The plaque tells the story of the Marines in European Theater around the time of Normandy Invasion. Retired Sgt Villarial served during that time in the late 1940's and currently volunteers at the memorial in Bedford.

Sgt. Daniel Villarial, Retired Marine: "It does my heart good to know that the Marine Corp stands by each of it's fellow members," said Villarial. Unknown to Villarial, the plaque bears his name too for his tireless service and commitment to fundraising. "Hurrah and Semper Fi," said Villarial

And while people shook the hands of dozens of veterans, those that support them were also recogized..