DISH Network announces plan to move Christiansburg location, downsize on-site staff

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (AP) — A major employer in the New River Valley is moving its Christiansburg operation to a new location, with plans to downsize its on-site workforce in the process.

DISH Network announced Tuesday that the company is planning to move its Falling Branch customer experience center to a new location in the town of Christiansburg. 600 employees currently work at the Falling Branch location, but a DISH spokesperson said Tuesday only 150 employees will work on-site at the new location.

Employees not moving to the new location will be given an opportunity to apply for a "work at home" position or to take a severance package, according to the company statement.

The Falling Branch customer experience center has been operating since 2000. DISH said the move to the new location is expected to take place this summer.

“We’re able to transition all interested and eligible employees to work at home,” said Kathy Schneider, DISH senior vice president of customer experience. “That said, we made this decision after careful deliberation because we know that it will not work for everyone. Our goal was to make this transition as smooth as possible while remaining in Christiansburg.”