Dabney S Lancaster Community College gets a special gift

Published: Mar. 13, 2018 at 7:27 PM EDT
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A bulldozer from the state Department of Forestry was delivered to Dabney S Lancaster Community College, presented to the forestry program there in a ceremony attended by everyone from the department's head to the school's giant Road Runner.

“We don’t often get Road Runners in our bulldozers," explains State Forester Rob Farrell. "It’s usually Smoky Bears. This is a good switch up for us.”

But that Road Runner -- it’s the Dabney S Lancaster mascot -- was real happy to be there, because that bulldozer was an expensive gift for his school.

“It’s every bit of fifty grand for the 'dozer or better. You know, the truck is another hundred or seventy five or whatever you want to add. So you’re looking at about a hundred and fifty thousand behind us that we wouldn’t be able to…,” says Scott Reigel, DSLCC's Forest Management Department Head, drifting off as he ponders budget concerns.

A bulldozer for the community college’s forestry program, the only two-year program on the subject in the state.

“The program is one of our oldest programs – almost 50 years old – and we’re really exited about that,” explains college President John Rainone.

“We’re in a mountainous timber region," says Reigel. "And this is what we do.”

And the state’s Forestry Department recognizes that a gift like this only makes their life easier.

“We are investing in their gaining technical skills and those technical skills will help, if not the Department of Forestry, the forestry community in Virginia,” Farrell says.

An investment personified in Forestry employees at the ceremony, including one who was a graduate of the earliest days of the program.

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