Daleville daycare in the way of planned Sheetz location

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DALEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) - A daycare in Daleville is in the way of a planned Sheetz gas station.

A zoning board will decide Monday whether to approve a recommendation for zoning changes to the board of supervisors.

If it is approved, then Sheetz will buy the land where several businesses and a daycare stands now.

Several of the business owners like Ginna Bell say they aren't planning for a "plan b" until they know the outcome of the zoning meeting.

Bell has owned and operated this snowcone and coffee stand for almost 19 years. She owns her building but leases the land. Her landlord recently switched her lease to a month to month lease until it is clear whether the Sheetz will move in or not.

"Well it is really unnerving because you've been here this long and I feel like I'm at home here," said Bell.

Many of her customers are parents who drop off kids at this daycare only feet from her business.

"It's a very nice, clean, hands-on daycare," she said.

But the daycare along with Bell's business is included in the planned area where Sheetz wants to build.

If Sheetz is approved, many have asked WDBJ7, what will happen to the daycare that has taken care of dozens of kids for decades?

"I believe Prince and Princesses is the only daycare in this exact area," said Bell.

Prince and Princesses Day School owner, Buzz Bradberry, did not want to talk on camera but did speak with WDBJ7 on the phone.

Bradberry explained he and his wife own their property and Sheetz has offered to buy it. They are in contract negotiations but do not want to comment further before Monday's zoning hearing.

"So it's sad to see something like that go, but I'm glad to know the Bradberry's will be taken care of," said Bell.

Bradberry said they would give their employees and parents plenty of notice if they do close.