Danville City Council elects new mayor, vice mayor

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The City of Danville has new leadership.

John Gilstrap has been elected mayor by city council.

Alonzo Jones is Danville’s new vice mayor.

Gilstrap and Jones say they are focusing on industry and education.

"Huge passion for me is education. I want to work closely with Danville Public Schools. We know we have a reading problem in our community. So I want everybody to be ambassadors for education," Vice Mayor Alonzo Jones said.

"And of course we have got to focus on crime and a resolution of some of those concerns with crime," Mayor John Gilstrap said.

New council member Madison Whittle, along with the rest of council was sworn into office.

Sherman Saunders served as mayor for eight years. He received a standing ovation at the meeting. Saunders spoke about his pride in the city and what potential the future holds.

Here is part of his statement: