Danville Mainline Trolley is up and running

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Mainline Trolley System has officially begun!

City council and other city officials gathered for the ribbon cutting this afternoon before they boarded to take the first ride.

It will run from Ballou Park, through the old west end and river district, all the way up to historic Neapolis.

City councilman, James Buckner says the trolley system will bring communities together and increase shopping along the route.

"The restaurants along the route will also benefit from it. It'll be a huge increase to everybody. It's just another asset that the city of Danville has to offer it's citizens," says Danville City Councilman, James Buckner.

It will run the first Friday of every month, and every Saturday and the cost is only a dollar a ride.