Danville Muslim group being proactive following new president-elect

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DANVILLE, Va.(WDBJ7) A group of Muslim's in Danville is talking to WDBJ7 about the new president-elect.

Danville Masjid and Islamic Center leaders tell WDBJ7, they want to become better Muslims, according to rules of The Quran.

And that will hopefully help any negative perceptions of them and improve relations moving forward with a new president.

Muslim Leaders in Danville, held a press conference to encourage their fellow Muslims to follow The Quran and not sell forbidden items in their stores, such as beer or wine.

By making this change, Muslim leaders in Danville say they can hopefully start bringing awareness to who they really are as a people.

"You know Muslims, we are suppose to represent our religion in the best way. And we are suppose to be a good example to the others," Muslim Zafar Ahmad said.

The leaders say this is a proactive approach to show the new president elect, we can all work together.

"So,we want to clean up our own house, we want whats good for the community and for the community at large, that's what we want," Muslim Men in Action Virginia Chapter Chairman Abdul-Hakim Abdullah said.

Muslim leaders today say they are working to spread this movement across the nation.

And they are not worried about a future with Donald Trump as president.