Danville Police: Increased interest in conceal carry classes, permits since December

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Danville Police say there is an increase of people taking conceal carry permit classes.

Captain Tommy Merricks tells WDBJ7 when ever there is a shooting or violent act in the city, the department sees more people looking to carry.

He says since December the number of people taking classes are up 50 percent , and he has been asked to speak at multiple community groups about personal safety.

Captain Merricks says there is a fear and people are taking steps to protect themselves.

"Well certainly, with social media and media coverage it's more out in the forefront and people do pay attention. They fear for their safety. They want to be safe. They want to feel safe," Captain Merricks said.

This week alone, there were four incidents involving guns in Danville.

Police say the shootings are not random.

In almost every case, the individuals directly involved know each other on some level.

Police want the community to know they should not feel like they are in danger.

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