Danville police receiving threats from gang members

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Police Department says it has received numerous threats to kill officers.

Danville Police Department/Twitter

Some of the threats have been directed at specific officers, and others at the whole department. Some officers have even had their patrol vehicles shot at in ambush-style incidents.

Danville police are continuing to go after gangs, and carried out raids Thursday night.

The department released a statement in regard to the threats.

Here's the full statement:

The Danville Police Department has received and is investigating credible information about criminal street gangs making threats to harm or kill officers of the Danville Police Department.

Specific information has been received concerning threats to individual police officers and to all officers of the Danville Police Department.

In the past several months, two occupied Danville Police Department marked vehicles have been struck by gunfire and a third shot at - all from suspects attempting ambushes from positions of concealment. The three incidents occurred at different locations while the officers were engaged in routine patrol duties.

A criminal street gang being investigated by the police department has adopted the phrase “Danville Police Department Killers” (DPDK). Officers have observed individuals wearing clothing with “DPDK” openly displayed (see picture).

Information has been developed that there is an ongoing attempt by several individuals to consolidate control over Danville based “home grown” street gangs and organize them along the lines of nationally recognized criminal street gangs. Younger members of these gangs are encouraged to commit various crimes for notoriety and street credibility. A disproportionate percentage of recent reported violent incidents have gang related associations.

The Department is asking for assistance from the public regarding any information about gangs, gang violence and threats to do harm to police officers or anyone else.

A threat to kill a Law Enforcement Officer is punishable as a class 6 Felony under Virginia Code 18.2-57(C).

The killing of a Law Enforcement Officer is punishable as Capital Murder under Virginia State Code 18.2-31(6).

The recruitment of a juvenile into a criminal street gang is punishable as a class 6 felony under Virginia State Code 18.2-46.3(A).

Criminal Street gang participation is punishable as a class 5 felony under Virginia State Code 18.2-46.2 (A).

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