Danville Science Center hosts Eclipse viewing party

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Science Center hosted an eclipse viewing party Monday afternoon.

The line started forming outside the Danville Science Center around 10:00 Monday morning.

Special glasses for eclipse viewing disappeared in eight minutes, but the science center staff had other ways for people to view the phenomenon.

A telescope projected the eclipse on a TV screen.

A few kids traveled to Danville with their mom all the way from South Carolina, because they knew the science center was pulling out all the stops.

"It's our first time ever seeing one," says Joseph Blackmon.

"It's gonna be kind of different. It's gonna be black," adds his sister, Brooklyn Blackmon.

Averett University softball players made the eclipse a team bonding activity.

"It's pretty cool that the science center can have all of the community out here, especially for us Averett kids. This gives us something to do before classes start," says Taylor Hodges.

One of the players from California was particularly excited.

"They don't do anything like this at home, so when I heard about it I was super excited to come check it out," says Dani Kahn.

Whether you looked at the eclipse on the television, with a homemade contraption, or with the real glasses, many can agree it was a great experience.

"It looks really cool, especially with those glasses. It's the first time I'm ever going to be able to stare at the sun," says Adam Hargrove.

The Science Center also had the livestream from NASA pulled up in the digital dome for those that didn't want to be out in the heat for too long.