Danville Utilities warns of bill payment scam

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Danville Utilities is warning its customers about a payment scam involving a threat to disconnect service if payment of their utility bill is not made immediately.

Businesses are the target.

In this scam, the businesses received a phone call from an individual falsely claiming to be with the Danville Utilities Department.

The individual is threatening to disconnect service if the business does not make immediate payment.

The business owner is given an 877 number to call in order to make payment.

At least six businesses have reported today to Danville Utilities that they have been targeted in this scam.

Utilities Director Jason Grey said Tuesday that these businesses took the correct steps. “They played it safe by hanging up and contacting us directly,” Grey said.

Danville Utilities does not contact customers by phone and demand payment. Instead, customers who have delinquent accounts receive multiple notifications by a letter from Danville Utilities over the course of several weeks prior to electric service disconnection — never just a single notification before disconnection.

Utility bill payment scams are not new.

Guard against fraud.

Never provide a Social Security number, credit card number or banking information to anyone requesting it unless you initiated the contact and know the identity of the person with whom you are speaking.

Danville Utilities says that if you receive a call from someone you do not know and who is urging you to make a payment to Danville Utilities, capture the phone number and then hang up and check the legitimacy of the call by contacting Central Collections at 434-799-5125 or by visiting the Charles H. Harris Financial Service Center, which is located at 311 Memorial Drive.