Danville and Martinsville hospitals officially become SOVAH Health

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Danville, Va. (WDBJ7) A name change and new signs for two hometown hospitals as they officially become one regional system August 1.

Both the Danville Regional Medical Center and Martinsville Memorial Hospital will not longer be referred to as such. Instead, they will be SOVAH Health, and each hospital will be its own branch.

The Martinsville CEO says not much is changing, other than the look.

"Care is delivered locally and the care we provide our community is going to stay the same and continue to improve with this endeavor that we're upon," says SOVAH Health Martinsville CEO, Michael Ehrat.

The hospital has created an email address and phone line for anyone with suggestions or ideas.

Email address: SOVAH@LPNT.net
Martinsville: 276-666-7682
Danville: 434-791-7682