Danville city council, police will meet to reduce violence

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Tuesday, there will be more talk in Danville about trying to reduce violence.

The chief of police has been working with the city manager to create recommendations on how to reduce crime in Danville. The chief's recommendations will be unveiled Tuesday at a special city council work session.

This all stems from a retreat at the end of October where city council established reducing violence crime as a top priority for the city.

Over the weekend, the group 434 Lives Matter were out protesting to put an end to the gun violence.

This year has been the deadliest year on record with 14 homicides. There were only three murders in the city in 2014.

Deontae Jones said, "My little brothers, they like to come outside and play and my brother likes to go walking to the store and it's like it's not even safe to go to the store anymore.

Teri Hairston said, "My granddaughter said she doesn’t want to go back outside again. She's only 8."

Police officers say these murders all have things in common. They include groups of young men involved in drug or gang activity.

They're encouraging people to speak up if they see something.

The special session is tonight at 5:30 at the municipal building at 427 Patton Street on the 4th floor conference room.