Danville city leaders react to gang related shooting

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Bullet holes and remnants of crime scene tape are just some of the sights from a shooting that happened Monday in retaliation to a gang related homicide Sunday.

"That is a traumatic event, not only traumatic for the family but traumatic for the community, traumatic for the individuals involved," said Robert David Sr.

David is not a police officer. He works for the city as the gang and violence prevention coordinator. This past weekend hit him hard.

"I just want to snatch these young men out of harms way and I do whatever I can," said David.

Some of the measures David takes includes education.

"When it gets warm and these guys are out and about - they're not gonna ask if you're a real gang member, all they know is that you're with these guys," said David.

A wider approach though shows the city's assaults are on a downward trend.
From 2016-2018 the aggravated assaults have decreased by 50 percent.

"That means our city is doing something very right," said Lt. Richard Chivvis.

Both Lt. Chivvis with the PD and David agree that has a great deal to do with community policing and different means of engagement. But David says there is still work to be done.

"I know I'm only one man but my passion is, if we can save one, maybe that one can save ten," said David.