Danville community shows support for police through food, flowers

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Many showed support for their local law enforcement officers in their own way today.

A business in Danville decided to make that lunch and dinner for the whole department.

The amount of kindness the Danville Police received today really lifted their spirits.

American National Bank provided lunch and dinner.

A couple of people brought in donuts and even more food.

One community member brought in a sunflower for the office.

American National leaders say they just wanted to figure out a way to tell the officers that they are loved and they appreciate what they do.

"I would say the name American National symbolizes the flag and symbolizes everything that is good in our communities and we just wanted to share that with the people that protect us everyday," American National Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Haley said.

Employees signed a thank you card which will continue to be displayed at the department.

Danville Police say protecting the community and remembering to hug their families is a daily thing but tonight it's heightened as they mourn their fellow fallen officers.