Danville couple to hold prayer revival in the city

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A Danville couple hopes the power of prayer can change their community.

Two weeks ago, at the corner of Colquhoun and Jefferson Street, a car was shot up.

Adrienne and Deon Johnson grew up hanging out in the park across the street and struggled with their own issues.

Prayer changed their lives, and they hope it can change the city.

"By me not having a male figure, I began to look for love in the wrong places," Adrienne Johnson said.

Adrienne Johnson says she struggled with seeking attention from the wrong people.

"Very mean, I was into fighting all the time, partying, you know drinking," Adrienne's husband Deon Johnson said.

When the Johnson's first met, they didn't get along. Until they found the power of prayer.

"Jesus Christ. Like I tell anybody, people say they have their own route to life and whatever and I say well I know, God delivered me. For me to get turned around in one day," Deon said.

The Johnson's are worried about the violence and bad habits in the neighborhood around Doyle Thomas Park, known to some as Green Street Park.

They say a lot of folks don't know how to break free from that mindset.

"And I look at it, even more younger boys are thinking it's cool to drop out of school. Younger girls are thinking it's cool to stand on the corner with their children or, it's normal life, it's normal to them," Adrienne said.

Later this month, the couple is holding a prayer revival for the community.

They are calling it, A War Cry" because we all battle, fight or struggle with something.

"So once you show them that I've been there before. And I got down to the dumps where everything else was failing and then when I prayed," Adrienne said.

They are going to pray with everyone in the community to restore hope.

"Their heart might be like, man I want to do better than this. I'm tired of this, what do I do? " Deon said.

The prayer revival will take place here at Doyle Thomas Park on September 24th.

They hope to get folks from this community and around town to come out and pray with them.