Danville group aims to increase transparency with police and the community

Published: Nov. 14, 2016 at 9:33 PM EST
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Earlier this year, pictures of Danville police cars with raised hoods while responding to calls went viral.Some people pointed out the hoods could block the dash cameras.

Danville police later said they were doing it to cool down the cars, but they have since stopped doing this.

On Monday, members of Virginia Organizing met with the Danville manager and police chief to talk about ways to prevent confusion in the future.

Ebony Guy with Virginia Organizing said the city manager and chief were receptive to their thoughts. She said they will work together with to come up with a strategy to address the public for future issues.

"If there was a better explanation beforehand, I don't think it would've raised as much concern," said Guy. "What can we do to help get the word out about these policy issues. When can you let us know about changes to policy issues so there's no confusion in the public."

She hopes this helps to keep the conversation moving forward.

"Just remind ourselves the goal here is to prevent a large scale issue. We don't want to be another Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, or anything like that. We're doing preventative measures," she said.

Virginia Organizing said they're planning a to have another meeting with city leaders in January.

The Danville Police Department declined to comment at this time.