Danville installs water monitor on Dan River

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) In Danville, the city has installed an automatic monitoring system upstream on the Dan River.

It will collect real-time data on water quality providing early detection of contamination of river water.

It tests conductivity, turbidity, pH levels, depth and temperature.

The station provides a lead-time of up to half a day depending on river's rate of flow.

"We can adjust the treatment process, or we can shut down. We're very fortunate we have a lot of storage on our system, so we can shut down if a contamination event occurs and go offline, which is a real benefit," says Water and Wastewater Treatment Director, .Barry Dunkley.

There are also plans being made to add sensors for algae and dissolved oxygen.

The Water Treatment Plant provides drinking water 18,000 households and businesses in the city.

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